The Keepers

  • "The Keepers" film poster
  • Various screen captures from The Keepers
  • Various behind-the-scenes images at different points in production

The Keepers

Project Overview

  • A feature-length (1hr36m) movie created for a summer camp (catering to children grades 3 to 8).
  • The movie was completed with a budge <$500, a production crew of <15 people and a film crew of <50 actors.
  • Pre-production took place over 6 months with a particular focus on script-writing, conceptualization and story-boarding.
  • Filming, set-design and post-production were completed 3 months after.


In the year 2030, where all books are destroyed and information filtered, monitored and centralized, a young data filtering engineer rediscovers faith as she finds herself assisting an underground church community revive their tradition and spread the faith.