About M.E.

Michael Elgamal is an Egyptian Canadian visual artist who -is totally not going to write about himself in third person.

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I was raised by an incredibly supportive family who always supported my various ways of visual expression- be it cartooning, movie-making, photography or film-making- but a supportive family wasn’t all I had, they had help.
I was also raised up by Batman, Superman, & Lion King- I was raised on stories. ¬†True stories, made-up stories, original stories, plagiarized stories (I’m looking at you, Shakespeare!), stories of love, stories of hate, stories of hope and stories of growth. I can go on telling you of when I learned photography, when I started drawing, or when I filmed my first film- but the tools and methods I use won’t tell you much about me. The bottom line and joining thread between all that is that I like telling stories. It doesn’t matter how, and the why usually changes over-time but the only constant thing I can tell you about myself is that I am and will always be a story-teller.

Oh, and that I graduated Marketing, presently working on a Graphic Novel, and currently living in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.